Caisson Drilling

Bob Ames Excavating specializes in residential, commercial, and mountainside caisson drilling.

Caisson drilling is a common process used for sites that require a deep foundation. A caisson reinforced structure provides support and stability not just for the building that will be constructed, but for surrounding buildings as well. We auger drill to bedrock or to soil suitable to carry the load, and then insert either a temporary or permanent steel casing in the hole to the desired depth.

Our operators have over 40 years of experience drilling in challenging conditions along the Front Range. We work on multiple projects during the year and can deliver the best results despite the weather and land conditions.

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Rocky Mountain Roadway

RV foundation

“In reference to Bob Ames Excavating Inc., they are not only dependable, but very safety oriented and on task at all times. They are affordable and very easy to work with.

They have completed many projects with us including underground on Ft. Carson and currently at the Vestas project site in Pueblo where we have installed 40 miles of PVC. All underground inspections and compaction tests were completed and they passed.

Because of their diligence and work ethics, I wouldn’t hesitate to take them to any job in need of excavation no matter how big or small the job may be.”

Brian R. Sartor
General Foreman
IES Commercial